Bottled Water Facts

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Many have the perception that bottled water is the cleanest and safest water you can buy.  New research and studies have found that this myth couldn't be farther from the truth.

  • The Hidden Cost of "Clean" Water
    The fact is that people pay from $1 to $4 a gallon for the perception of higher quality, when in fact the quality of bottled water is at best unknown! Over 90% of the cost of bottled water is in the bottle, lid and label.
  • Big Business, Bad Ethics
    Industry lobbyists successfully fight every year to keep bottled water companies from having to abide by even the minimal health standards set by the EPA for tap water. The FDA, which regulates bottled water, states that "Companies that market bottled water as being safer than tap water are defrauding the American public."
  • "Filtered" Bottled Water
    Some bottled water companies are catching on that consumers are getting smart about bottled water.  Many are now advertising "Filtered" bottle water. There are cheaper commercial water filters that essentially get rid of bigger sedimentary particles that slightly discolor water but honestly do little else. Most commercially filtered water tends to filter on the cheap leaving you with microscopic pollutants still in your bottled water that a home filtration system would have removed.

Point-of-use water treatment, with a quality in-home water filtration system from H2ahh, is by far the most economical, the most convenient and the most capable way of producing the healthiest, best tasting water... and at a fraction of the cost of bottled. Bottle your own!  Click here for a free cost estimation and an in-home water analysis.