Hard Water FAQ

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What is hard water?

Hard water is the most common problem found in the average home. Hard water is water that contains dissolved hardness minerals above 1 GPG.

What are hardness minerals?

Calcium, manganese and magnesium are the most common.

How do you Measure Hardness?

Parts per million or grains per gallon are the most common. One part per million (PPM) is just what it says: out of one million units, one unit. Grains, or grains per gallon (GPG) is a weight measurement taken from the Egyptians; one dry grain of wheat, or about 1/7000 of a pound. It takes 17.1 PPM to equal 1 GPG.

Why Should Hard Water Concern Me?

For many uses, it would not matter. For instance, to put out fires, water your lawn, wash the mud off the streets or float your boat, water would have to be pretty hard to cause a problem. But for bathing, washing dishes and clothes, shaving, washing your car and many other uses of water, hard water is not as efficient or convenient as "soft water." For instance:

  • You use only 1/2 as much soap cleaning with soft water.
  • Because hard water and soap combine to form "soap scum" that can't be rinsed off, forming a 'bathtub ring' on all surfaces and drys leaving unsightly spots on your dishes.
  • When hard water is heated, the hardness minerals are re-crystallized to form hardness scale. This scale can plug your pipes and hot water heater, causing premature failure, and costly replacement.
  • The soap scum remains on your skin even after rinsing, clogging the pores of your skin and coating every hair on your body. This crud can serve as a home for bacteria, causing diaper rash, minor skin irritation and skin that continually itches.
  • For many industrial uses, the hardness minerals interfere with the process, causing inferior product.

Who Will Test My Water for Hardness?

We offer a free no-obligation water analysis that will not only test for water hardness but will also detect harmful contaminents in your municipal water or well water.  Fill out our simple water analysis form to schedule an appointment today.

My Water is Hard; Now What?

If your water tests over 3 GPG hard, you should mechanically soften it.  Your pro's at H2ahh Water Treatment are happy to help you choose a system that will work with your lifestyle.  Contact us today to schedule a free water analysis or if you'd like us to discuss pricing options.